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What can Renderwow do?

Renderwow is the most advanced cloud rendering service platform internationally. Renderwow cloud rendering renderfarm supports V-Ray for SketchUp projects generated by SketchUp 2015 or 2016. It is simple to use, less costly and amazingly fast, making you feel as if you are working with a super computer, while significantly improving your work efficiency.


Cloud rendering features

Renderwow will automatically analyze scene files and find all asset files which will be needed during rendering. If these asset files are not organized well, Renderwow still works. For example, if parts of assets are saved in user’s desktop while others are saved in fileserver.

Rendering progress screenshot

For SketchUp rendering, you could get the rendering screenshot anytime. Once you find the result is not exact as expected, you could pause the rendering anytime.

Quick uploading

Renderwow adopts advanced file transfer acceleration, redundant data deletion and incremental uploading techniques. Before the packaged file is uploaded to cloud, Renderwow will carefully analyze all files which are needed during rendering. If files are already saved in cloud, these files will not be uploaded again. If the original scene file has been uploaded once, the difference will be calculated and uploaded instead.

Continuous downloading

Normally rendering jobs will be splitted into small tasks. Each task will be rendered in one server. Once a task is finished, Renderwow will get notified. Then Renderwow will download task’s results automatically. If network is very good, when the job is finished, all results will be downloaded to user’s computer too.

Transparent pricing

Different render servers have different rendering performance. Renderwow use 3-rd party standard performance test software to evaluate each server’s rendering performance number. And then each kind of server is priced based on their performance number. Also you could see detail bills in our official website.


Renderwow charges based on actual rendering resource consumption measured by rendering time and render server’s performance number. Also Renderwow only charges for successful rendering.



The function for cost estimate has been released!

Renderwow - 3/20/17 2:00pm

In order to estimate the cost for your jobs more conveniently, Renderwow roll out the new function and it has been released officially. Click here and learn more:


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Renderwow - 3/10/17 6:00pm

Offer an extra 50% cash coupon for animation user and an extra 30% cash coupon for user of still image.From March 15(00:00) to March 31(24:00)(GMT+8).


Special Christmas Offers You Should Not Miss

Renderwow - 12/22/16 4:00pm

As Christmas approaches, Renderwow is now offering special offers to thank users for their support. Here are some tips to get the special offer!